Texture Lighting: The Portfolio of Robert Cole


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Robert L. Cole



Over 12 years experience in CG production, I specialize in both Surfacing/Texturing, Lighting/Rendering, Compositing, and VFX. I use advanced lighting techniques (IBL, Final Gathering, HDRI) and I am comfortable mixing traditional and procedural texturing methods. I am well versed with Nuke, Stereoscopy, XSI's ICE framework and many current aspects of 3D/CG Production. www.imdb.com/rcole


  • • MAYA * Softimage/XSI * Mental Ray * Photoshop CS * Nuke
  • • * Python * Rendering * Photography/Drawing, Color Theory
  • • Windows, Unix/Linux.


  • Most recently worked on: Captian America, Green Hornet, Gulliver's Travels, Jackass 3D
  • Lighting Director and Lead Texture Artist on Molecules To The Max.
  • Dual credits on The Barnyard. (Lead lighting, Lead Texture).
  • Presentations to Connecticut Maya Mental Ray Users Group.
  • I teach Life Drawing and Color Theory at collegiate levels.

    Recent: Senior Stereo Depth Artist at StereoD/DELUXE

    Past: Lighting/Surfaces/Texturing for National Geographic, XSI 7.0

    Surfaces/Texturing for Warner Brothers Animation, XSI 7.0
    Pepfar Shorts .

    July 07 to July 08: Surfaces/Lighting TD for CG Imax feature
    produced by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Maya 8.5. Molecules To the Max.

    Raytheon Corporation December 2006 to May, 2007
    3.5 min “Search and Rescue Scenario” Maya 7.0, XSI 5.1, and Photoshop CS. Modeling,Texturing, Lighting and Animation.

    ReelFX October 2006 – December 2006
    Texture Artist, Lighter

    “Boz The Bear's Christmas” (Children's CD)
    Maya 6.5 Creation of textures, UV Layout, Lighting

    3M Corp August 2005 – September 2006
    Texture Artist, Lighter
    “PostIt Notes” (Web presentation)
    Maya 6.5 Layout UV's , texture assets. Lighting

    ReelFX June 2005 – July 2006
    Texture Artist

    “Everybody's Hero” (Feature Film)
    Maya 6.5
    Layout UV's and textured assets.

    Hatchling Studios December 2005- March 2006
    Texture Artist/TD, Lighting , Lighting Design
    “The Toll”(Short Feature)
    XSI 4.2 Creation of Textures, UV Layout, Lighting

    Omation Studios Mar 2004 – Dec 2005
    Texture TD/Artist
    “The Barnyard” (Feature Film)
    XSI 4.2
    Lead Lighter, Lead Texture.
    Developed the technical standards for the Texture Department to ensure consistency across the project and reliability for rendering with MentalRay. Created training materials and presentations for the Texture and the Lighting Department. Textured “hero” and background assets with traditional means and created procedural shader networks for the Department. Coordinated with Lighting, EFX, and Hair/Fur Departments to ensure compatibility through the pipeline.

    DARPA Project.
    Nov 2003 – Feb 2004
    Lead Artist
    Maya 6.5 w/ MentalRay. Responsible for all elements and pre-production.

    Dreamcatcher Games Mar 2003 – Sept 2003 “Forever Worlds” PC Game
    Lead Texture and Lighting Artist
    Lightwave 7.01

    Freelance Feb 2003 – Mar 2003
    Campbell’s Soup
    Interactive CD-ROM Modeling/Texturing
    Maya 5.5

    Pencilogic Dec 2002 – Jan 2003 Rendering/Visualization Broadcast design

    Department of Defense/Sony May 2002
    Completed mapping and texturing of polygonal models for the Advanced Combat Simulator

    Frank Vitz Productions Apr 2001 – Aug 2001
    “Evolution” (TV series)
    Mapping and texturing of models for an 8-hour, Emmy-nominated series on WGBH Boston

    Schwartz-Guinta Productions Jan 2001 – April 2001
    Textured and animated medical device animations.

    Pandemonium Pictures Aug 2000 – Nov 2000

    S.C.U.D. Textured and modeled movie promo


    Thesis Mar 2000
    Completed thesis T, a 3D walkthrough of the Boston subway Reel available upon request GameWorks, Seattle, WA 1998

    Designed and created 1600 sq ft sports mural for Sega (public art project)

    Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, WA 1994
    Clepshydra, an 18’ high water clock


    Connecticut College, New London, CT Bachelor of Fine Arts Concentrations in Arts and Technology & Painting and Drawing

    Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, BC Feb 2000
    Comprehensive 3D Program