Texture Lighting: The Portfolio of Robert Cole


Welcome to my downloads section. Help your self to my original textures, tutorials, and material presets. I have included some links here, but the majority of links will be found here.

I am also willing to supply you with any custom textures upon request depending on my workload.

Texture packs:

  1. Underwater sandy bottom with 2 bumpmaps.
  2. NYC Bowery Pack_1: gritty, dirty, metals Set 1 of 2 (raw images)
  3. NYC Bowery Pack_2: gritty, dirty, metals Set 2 of 2
  4. The Tractor Files (assorted)
  5. Signage
  6. Lizard/Dino Skin
  7. Metals Pack
  8. Rocks and walls
  9. Summer, assorted images
  10. Horse and Barn textures
  11. Old walls, Italy.


  1. Raytrace Fake for Environmental Reflection. "Magic camera", with Photoshop template (Maya, XSI)
  2. Mapping Normals on 2D image planes (XSI)
  3. Checklist for Texture Artists in Production (All Apps) PDF
  4. MentalRay for Maya How-to.(2003) (Maya)